A good read: Books that every Creationist should read.

In this area of our site we will give a list of literature that all people in favor of Creationism and Intelligent Design, or that generally see the many fallacies and holes in the theory of Evolution.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to: Darwinsim and Intelligent Design. Jonathan Wells, P.H.D. 2006, Regnery Publishing Inc.

Jonathan Wells is a Microbiologist with 2  P.H.D.s (from Yale and Berkeley).

Shattering the Myths of Darwinism. Richard Milton, 1997, Park Street Press.

Richard Milton is a science journalist and design engineer based in London and a member of Mensa.

Evidences for Creation. George Javor, 2005, Review and Herald Publishing Association.

George Javor is a professor at Loma Linda University of School and Medicine. He teaches biochemistry.

The Evolution Handbook. (Formerly the Evolution Cruncher). Vance Ferrell, B.A., M.A., B.D. With an introduction by Matthew Staver and Peter Ruckman, 2001, 2002, 2005, Evolution Facts Inc.

Vance Ferrell runs Evolution Facts, a very knowledgable organization that promotes Creationism.

Searching for Ropens: Living Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea. Second Edition. Jonathan Whitcomb, certified court video specialist, 2007, WingSpan Press.

Jonthan Whitcomb is a court videographer and has been on several expeditions to Papua New Guinea searching for living Pterosaurs known as Ropens to the local people.

Dinosaurs: Dead or Alive? Phillip O'Donnell, Illustrated by Timothy O'Donnell, 2006, Xulon Press.

Phillip O'Donnell is a young homeschooled man and is a well known author for his age and is the webmaster of Livingdinos.com.

Secrets of the Ica Stones and Nazca Lines. Dennis Swift, P.H.D. 2006

Dr. Dennis Swift is the world's leading authority on the Ica stones and has had the mysterious stones subjected to blind tests by scientists in many different fields of study.

 Darwins Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution. Micheal J. Behe, 1998, Touchstone Books

Michael J. Behe (born 1952) is an American biochemist, author, and intelligent design advocate. He currently serves as professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and as a senior fellow of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture.

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. Micheal Denton, P.H.D., 1986, Alder & Alder

Michal Denton is a former Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute.

The Genesis Flood. Henry M. Morris P.H.D.  and John C. Whitcomb, 1961, ICR.

Henry M. Morris was a founder of both Creation Research Society and the Institute for Creation Research and is considered the father of modern Creation Science. John. C. Whitcomb helped to found the modern Creation Science movement by co authoring with Henry Morris the book The Genesis Flood.

Scientific Creationism. Henry M. Morris P.H.D., 1974, Creation Life Publishers.

In the Beginning was Information. Johnathan Wells P.H.D., 1997, Christliche Literatur Verbreitung.

Johnathan Wells holds a P.H.D. in Biology and is a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute.

Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Johnathan Wells, 2002, Regnery Publishing.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science. Tom Bethell, 2005, Regnery Publishing.

Tom Bethell is a Senior Editor at the American Spectator and Graduated Oxford in 1962 with degrees in philosophy, physiology and pyschology.

Forbidden Archeaology: the hidden history of the human race. Micheal A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, 1996, Bhaktevadanta Book Publishing.


 Refuting Evolution. Johnathan Sarfati Ph.D., B.Sc. (Hons), F.M., Foreward by Ken Ham, 1999, Master Books, ISBN#-978-0890512586.

Johnathan Sarfati Is a well decorated Physical Chemist and Spectroscopist that studied at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. He has authored and co-authored papers in both secular and creationist science journals as well as a number of books, DVD's and magazine articles on science and Christian apologetics.

Refuting Evolution 2. Johnathan Sarfati Ph.D., B.Sc. (Hons), F.M., 2011, Creation Book Publishers.

Creation and Evolution: Why it matters what you believe. Colin Garner, 2008, Day One Publications.

The Dark Side of Charles Darwin. Jerry Bergman, 2011, New Leaf Publishing Group/Master Books.

The Myth of Junk DNA. Johnathan Wells Ph.D., 2011, Discovery Institute Press.

Dragons or Dinosaurs. Creation or Evolution? Darek Isaacs, 2010, Bridge-Logos Foundation. ISBN#-978-0882704777.

 If Animals Could Talk. Werner Gitt, 2006, Master Books.