Artifacts and Art

    If dinosaurs and their kin were indeed created only a few thousand years ago as is cronicled in the account of the book of Genesis, we would expect that they had lived alongside mankind just as other animals did. If this was indeed the case, then we would also expect to find historical evidence of this fact, and this is exactly what many have found much to the dismay and disbelief of some.

    Although not mentioned in most major pieces of educational media, there are many forms of artifacts and art from around the world that show dinosaurs, marine reptiles and Pterosaurs. Some are perfectly accurate while other representations are more fantastic. In contrast to what many skeptics think or say, these representations of art and history are indeed authentic. They have been examined by experts and found to be genuine, something that has both disturbed and angered some whom insist that any such pieces of evidence for man and dinosaurs coexsisting are hoaxes used by "rabid Young Earth Creationists" to impose some sort of agenda. While such artifacts are in fact part of the YEC argument, they are not hoaxes.