Creationist scientists

In the battle of Creation vs. Evolution many say that it is not possible to be both a Creationist and a scientist. The reasoning behind this claim is based purely on opinion sincee in fact many top scientists are in reality Creationists. In fact every field of legitimate science was established by Bible believing Creationists. Although it does little in the way of making an argument to give a list of scientists who believe one thing or the other, it is important to show how many scientists regard evolution as unscientific and what they have contributed to science in order to help show that the claims that "creationists cannot be scientists" or "science only works in light of evolution" are completely unfounded and are more slander than factual. In any case, this section will give a list of scientists who are also Biblical Creationists and hold doctorates in science. Many of the names link to the persons contributions.


  1. Agard, E. Theo
  2. Allan, James
  3. Anderson, Kevin
  4. Armstrong, Harold
  5. Arndt, Alexander
  6. Aufdemberge, Theodore P.
  7. Austin, Steven
  8. Barnes, Thomas
  9. Batten, Don
  10. Baumgardner, John
  11. Bergman, Jerry
  12. Boudreaux, Edward
  13. Byl, John
  14. Catchpoole, David
  15. Chadwick, Arthur
  16. Chaffin, Eugene
  17. Chittick, Donald
  18. Cimbala, John
  19. Clausen, Ben
  20. Cole, Sid
  21. Cook, Melvin
  22. Cumming, Ken
  23. Cuozzo, Jack
  24. Damadian, Raymond
  25. Darrall, Nancy
  26. Dewitt, David
  27. DeYoung, Donald
  28. Downes, Geoff
  29. Eckel, Robert
  30. Faulkner, Danny
  31. Ford, Dwain
  32. Frair, Wayne
  33. Gentry, Robert
  34. Giem, Paul
  35. Gillen, Alan
  36. Gish, Duane
  37. Gitt, Werner
  38. Gower, D.B.
  39. Grebe, John
  40. Grocott, Stephen
  41. Harris, William S.
  42. Harrub, Brad
  43. Hawke, George
  44. Hollowell, Kelly
  45. Holroyd, Edmond
  46. Hosken, Bob
  47. Howe, George
  48. Humphreys, D. Russell
  49. Javor, George
  50. Jones, Arthur
  51. Jones, Raymond
  52. Kaufmann, David
  53. Kennedy, Elaine
  54. Klotz, John
  55. Koop, C. Everett
  56. Korochkin, Leonid
  57. Kramer, John
  58. Lammerts, Walter
  59. Lester, Lane
  60. Livingston, David
  61. Lopez, Raul
  62. Marcus, John
  63. Marsh, Frank
  64. Mastropaolo, Joseph
  65. McCombs, Charles
  66. McIntosh, Andrew
  67. McMullen, Tom
  68. Meyer, Angela
  69. Meyer, John
  70. Mitchell, Colin
  71. Morris, Henry
  72. Morris, John
  73. Mumma, Stanley
  74. Parker, Gary
  75. Peet, J. H. John
  76. Porier, Jules H.
  77. Rankin, John
  78. Rosevear, David
  79. Roth, Ariel
  80. Rusch, Wilbert
  81. Sarfati, Jonathan
  82. Schaefer III, Henry F.
  83. Shaibani, Saami
  84. Snelling, Andrew
  85. Standish, Timothy
  86. Taylor, Stephen
  87. Thaxton, Charles
  88. Thompson, Bert
  89. Thomson, Ker
  90. Tshibwabwa, Sinaseli
  91. Vardiman, Larry
  92. Veith, Walter
  93. Walter, Jeremy
  94. Wanser, Keith
  95. Whitcomb, John
  96. White, A.J.(Monty)
  97. Wilder-Smith, Arthur Ernest
  98. Wile, Jay
  99. Williams, Emmett
  100. Wise, Kurt
  101. Wolfrom, Glen
  102. Zuill, Henry


Scientists that founded or helped found fields of science and were also Biblical Creationists:

Kepler -- Laws of planetary motion.
Francis Bacon -- contributed to formalization of scientific method
Linnaeus -- classification
John Ray -- Founder of biological science
Robert Boyle -- Founder of modern chemistry
Sir Isaac Newton -- gravity, optics, calculus
Blaise Pascal -- mathematics, calculating machine, air pressure
Charles Babbage -- invented "difference engine," designed computer
Gregor Mendel -- first studies of heredity
James Joule -- physics, inc. beginning of thermodynamics
William Thomson, Lord Kelvin -- Physics
Michael Faraday -- Physics
John Dalton -- chemistry
Louis Pasteur -- immunization, disproof of spontaneous generation
Sir John Herschel -- mathematician and astronomer, called the theory "the
law of higgledy-pigglety"
James Clerk Maxwell -- physicist, developed theory of electromagnetism
Adam Sedgwick -- geologist
Andrew Murray -- entomologist
Richard Owen -- coined the term "dinosaur"
Louis Agassiz, founder of modern glacial geology
Werner von Braun -- Leader of early US space program (Creation 16(2))
James Irwin -- astronaut, walked on the moon
A.E. Wilder-Smith (deceased)- 3 earned doctorates, master of seven
languages, UN advisor

    If you would like to submit a scientist not on this list please email me the persons name and their conrtibutions to science.