Creationist DVD'S

This section gives interested persons a list of DVD's for anyone interested in Creationism, Evolution, and Science. They come from various sources but all are full of great and entertaining info.

Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use. Presented by Johnathan Sarfati, 49 minutes.

This DVD discusses many common arguments that Creationists should not use since they have either been debunked or are too shaky to be considered trustworthy.

A Brief but True History of Time. Presented by Dr. Mark Harwood, 61 minutes.

This DVD discusses the many implications for a short timeline of Earth's history by taking Genesis as a literal historical account.

The Age of the Earth. Presented by Dr. Tas Walker, 56 minutes.

This video discusses how Geological evidence actually fits better with the Biblical Flood than it does with billions of years of evolution.

Apemen: Missing Links and the Bible. Presented by Phillip Bell.

This video discusses the many alledged "ape men" and "missing links" of human evolution and show what these creatures really were and where they fit in Creationist models of history.

Artistic Ape Anecdotes: The Art of Deception? Presented by Dr. Don Batten, 37 minutes.

This DVD shows where the many "ape men" fossils of human evolution really fit as opossed to the family tree of evolution.

The Case for Creation. 3 DVD set. Presented by Vij Sodera, Paul Garner, Phillip Bell, and David Rosevear, 5 1/2 hours.

This fantastic set discusses manyt hings like Human evolution, design and variation in living things, the Flood and the age of our planet and many more important topics of Creationism.

Codes and Creation. Presented by Calvin Smith.

This DVD discusses the issues of if life could ahve arisen from non living matter and if Evolution ccan really stand the test of science.

COSMOS: Created & Young! Presented by Dr. Russell Humphries.

This video talks about the many dating methods used to support the idea that our world is billions of years old and what we can really know about the age of our world.

The Creation Bus: 17 Years of Bush-Bashing. Presented by Peter Sparrow, 82 minutes.

This video talks about Peter Sparrow and his wife and the many hardships and rewards they have experienced touring all over Australia in their bus doing Creation presentations.

Creation Evangelism: Sharing Your Faith. Presented by Dr. David Catchpoole, 60 minutes.

This DVD talks about how you can share your faith and evangelise and win souls all around the world.

Creatures Do Change-But it's Not Evolution. Dr. Don Batten, 48 minutes.

This video shows how Evolution is not only impossible, but that the variation and stability of living creatures clearly refutes it.

The Dating Game. Presented by Dr. Emil Silvestru, 53 minutes.

This DVD discusses how dating methods used to interpret the age of geologic features are largely based on faith and not science and that ones preconceived worldview affects the outcome more than anything.

Dinosaurs & The Bible. Presneted by Dr. David Catchpoole, 52 minutes.

This DVD discusses many Dinosaur related topics like their placement in the Biblical account of history, if a human has ever seen one alive, what happened to the Dinosaurs, and when did they live?

Dinosaurs! Dr. Don Batten, 49 minutes.

This video discusses what the Bible has to say about these wondrous animals and where they really fit in history.

Dragons or Dinosaurs? Creation or Evolution? 90 minutes.

This fantastic Documentary discusses the inexplicable link between dragons and dinosaurs and if dinosaurs really did inspire dragon legends around the world as well as what the Bible has to say about the subjects of dragons and dinosaurs.

 Evolution and the Holocaust. Presented by Dr. Johnthan Safarti, 39 minutes.

This DVD discusses the Evolutionary teachings that influenced Nazi Germany and even shows a Nazi propoganda clip.

The Evolution of Human Evolution. Presented by Dr. Emil Silvestru, 55 minutes.

This DVD discusses the many hoaxes and lies that have been used in support of human evolution throughout history.

Evolution: The Grand Experiment Episodes 1 and 2. Presented by Dr. Carl Werner, 58 minutes.

These DVD's discuss important issues with evolution such as spontaneous generation, modern Darwinism, and the fact that many modern organisms are in the same rock layers dated to "the age of the dinosaurs".

From Atheist to Creationist. Presented by Calvin Smith, 58 minutes.

This DVD disusses how people in our society can overcome the many issues that Christians face and draws inspiration from a former Atheist.

How Evolution Hurts Science. Presented by Dr. Joh Sanford, 50 minutes.

This DVD discusses how Evolutionary teachings have hindered and warped legitimate science and how people who question evolution are discriminated against.