* A map showing the places that some species or types of Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs and Plesiosaurs are reported regularly enough to merit a survivng population. Some areas of reports are missing, meaning that there are even more than this chart shows.


 Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or yet to be discovered animals. There are currently over a hundred creatures listed as "cryptids", ranging from Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil to known creatures such as dinosaurs that are disputed as to whether or not they are still living. Cryptozoology is an interesting following to millions and it has helped bring reports of living dinosaurs to light. While Cryptozoology does not hold ot any specific belief system, The existence of some "cryptids" such as living dinosaurs  certainly touch on the topic of world views.


     Discovering a living dinosaur would do much to lend support to the view that the earth is young because if the earth was millions or billions of years old, such creatures should have "evolved" into completely different organisms instead of remaining virtually the same only as their ancestors. Cryptozoolgy is an invaluable tool in gathering reports and evidence of animals that are assumed extinct and thereby helping those that believe they may still be alive to research the subject and find whether or not there is good evidence to suggest such creatures still live and breathe.