Sightings from around our world.

  To date there have been over 100,000 sightings of animals that strongly resemble certain kinds or even species of dinosaurs from many different place around the globe, reported by many different kinds of people and that have stood up as valid claims by sane and rational people. There have been over 20,000 such sightings since the year 2000 A.D. alone.

  Many people maintian that every single one of these sightings have either been misidentifications or hoaxes, saying it is impossible or at least statistically unlikely that that any kind of dinosaur or other "ancient" reptile still lives since they all went extinct tens of millions of years ago and that there is no real proof of their continued existence. Eye witnesses maintain however that they know wat they saw and encountered, and that the animals were not any that is catalogued by zoology as still living.

  This section of the website will list many sightings of creatures that may be or are most likely "dinosaurs" that have been encountered or reported from around the globe.