Alive and well?


  Dinosaurs alive today? Such a notion sounds obsurd to most that hear it, it even angers some who claim it to be part of religious based agenda program masquerading as science. If Dinosaurs (or their relatives such as Pterosaurs and Plesiosaurs) are still alive today, then why is there no proof such as nature documentaries, films, animals in zoos, or even a clear and authenticated photograph? All fair questions, but no given answers are usually recieved with any notion of credibility.

    While it is true that there is currently no "Dinosaur" in a zoo or even private collection to anyone's knowledge, or a crystal clear video or photograph, this is not to say there are no forms of evidence that some of these maginifcent animals are still alive with small populations in some areas of the world.

    Throughout the centuries of reported living Dinosaurs there have been many expeditions and investigations that sought out evidence of these supposedly long dead  animals. There have been nearly 30 expeditions in Search of Mokele Mbembe alone. Seekers of these elusive beasts have come back with audio recordings of sounds made by no catalogued animal (Mokele Mbembe), footprints from many areas of the globe, dung samples (Mokele Mbembe), trails, nests, caves made by certain animals (Mokele Mbembe), feeding area's, human graves excavated to feed on the bodies(Ropen/Duah and Kongamato), photographs (though most are not of high quality), video, and of course many, many eye witness accounts.

    Given these pieces of evidence is it fair to declare that there is NO evidence for "living dinosaurs"? Or is it that some would rather dismiss the notion up front based on personal beliefs or off handed rumors? Granted that there has yet to be any rock solid proof given, it does not necessarily mean that such animals are not around. After all, if these creatures didn't exist then where does the evidence coem from? Legends don't leave footprints.

    Where there is evidence there is an answer, and it is up to researchers to find it.