Pteranodon is the best known Pterosaur species from the fossil collection with roughly 1,200 fossil specimens currently known, this may be the reason it is the most well known of all pterosaurs and the most used species in media and the poster child for "pterodactyls". As will be said by most anyone, pterosaurs are not considered true dinosaurs but are genrally group with them by using the word dinosaur as a bucket term, along with marine reptiles and sometimes megafauna. Pteranodon was a moderately large species with a wingspan of 9-20 feet. It had a long and toothless beak and lacked a tail but posessed a headcrest nearly as large as its beak. Pteranodon is also one of the earliest discovered presumably extinct reptiles, being first found in Kansas in 1870.

Pteranodons are known to have eaten fish and most likely ate other meat sources as well and were certainly fierce predators.

    Incidently, there are numerous reports from around the world, over several centuries up until continuing today, of creatures that seem to resemble Pterosaurs more than anything else known to mankind. Some are said to exactly resemble textbook renderings of Pteranodons, while other reports best match other Pterosaur species. A fair number of the reports are even of the animals attacking human beings. Most of these accounts seem to be fully credible based on the witness testimonies and consistancy of their stories, however there are frauds in everything. Many that do not believe in living dinosaurs use frauds or apparent frauds to attempt to discredit the study and search for these creatures alive today yet such claims are founded largely on bias due to preconcieved views.