Those terrible reptiles of old


     Dragons are certainly the most impressive of all legendary creatures. They occur in every culture around the world and are often portrayed in many different forms and may be creatures of evil, beloved mythic reptiles or awe inspiring local fauna. However their origin has been one of the biggest mysteries to modern science for nearly two centuries now. Many contend that the stories of dragons arose from ancient man finding the fossil bones of dinosaurs and making up stories of the terrible creatures they belonged to.

    Others contend that they are simply based on mythical monsters that have no basis in reality and never existed physically at all. Another group believes that the legends of  stems from humans having  "fossil memories", memories we have retained from our Evolutionary past, therefore rememebring Dinosaurs from when we were animals that lived alongside other animals.

    Yet there are some that believe in contrast to most others, that the legendary dragons are actually based on dinosaurs and that man and dinosaurs have coexisted throughout history. This theory is very unpopular amongst most people in science and in the non Christian communtiy in general. And although it is unpopular it is certainly not unfounded. There are in fact many forms of corroborating evidence to support the belief that human beings and dinosaurs have coexisted in the recent past. Be it the ancient artwork of many cultures around the world, the many ancient artifacts that depict known species of dinosaurs that are immediately labeled hoaxes by skeptics, or simply the historical encounters with dragons by humans, there are many things that interconnect to reveal some truth behind the age old kings of mythic beasts.