Dragons: real or myth?...

    Who hasn't heard of dragons? The wondrous and terribly powerful creatures that sit upon the throne of all "mystic" animals as the most awe inspiring and grandest of all creatures invented by mankind's imagination. Or are they? Are dragons just another invention of our imaginations? Did they really exist? Where did they come from? Where did they go? Are there any still living? To many people these questions may seem, well..questionable. Many people may think these questions are silly, unfounded, hilarious, stupid, unscientific, or even dangerously anti-scientific. If not just to their own beliefs. But consider that every culture in the world has dragon legends or knows about them in some way.

     How could so many different cultures around the world believe so firmly in a creature that they haven't seen? Let alone depict them as real and livng animals alongside other creatures such as lions, cranes, cattle and crocodiles. To some it may seem an unanswerable question as to how they can be explained. But for those who believe in the recent Creation account in Genesis which states that all life forms have coexisted since the beginning of life on Earth, this question is much easier to answer. Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs and Plesiosaurs.

Most accounts of dragons throughout history describe reptilian beasts that directly, or at least strongly, resemble known types of dinosaurs, be it Tyrannosaurs, Spinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Diplodocids, Stegosaurs, Plesiosaurs, Pliosaurs or Ankylosaurs. These are just examples and many can be given, but the fact remains most dragon accounts do not describe the four footed, two winged fantasy creatures we think of as dragons that can be seen in movies or video games. The movie monsters have become stereotypical versions of dragons yet these are not what is recorded for most of history, and likely came about as an almagamation of different saurian traits being combined through story over generations.

Most legends hold at least a grain of truth, and dragons are no different, below all the mysticism attributed to dragons there lies large reptilian animals that inspire fear, wonder and respect throughout all of history, even today. Some fly, some crawl, some walk, some breathe fire. If these wonderful creatures of legend really were what we now call dinosaurs there should be plenty of evidence. And there is. Stories with detailed descriptions of the dragons encountered and what transpired during such events are recorded for all to read.

While these recorded events are not physical evidence of Dinosaurs living with humans, it is historical evidence, which should not be pushed aside as it often is. For those that are interested, please sit back and take in the evidence.