The purpose of this site is to present the many different forms and examples of evidence of a young universe that was masterfully crafted by the God of Scripture and that He has made all things with love and purpose during Creation week including Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Plesiosaurs and all other Kinds of organisms, and that mankind has coexisted with them since the beginning of history.

   It is the belief of many that dinosaurs and other supposed long extinct organisms have and may still live with mankind in modern times and that this would lend even more credence to the Biblical belief that the Earth and all its' inhabitants were only created about 6,000 years ago as indicated by science and history. 

   There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to uphold the Biblical account of creation and slay the theory of Evolution that has retarded science and destroyed the faith of hundreds of millions throughout history. There are many fallacies with the Darwinian theory of evolution by common descent that many are not aware of or simply refuse to acknowledge. This website will continually address these problems and show how scientific and historical findings and data in fact supports Biblical Creation and not Darwinian Evolution.