Scripture: The Foundation God gave us.

    Scripture has been the guiding light for humans since it was penned down. In the early years of history people guided life by the Penteteuch, also known as the Torah, which are the first 5 books of the Bible and are comprised of the laws God gave to us all. As time went on more events transpired and were recorded. These events often were about men and women of God and at other times Divine inspiration from God Himself. These events were penned down by men carefully chosen by God Himself for their qualities as Christ-like people that stood out from the rest of the world. The events of Christ's life were carefully penned down and not long after so were the prophecies of Revelation by John. All of these pieces of scripture tie seemlessly together to tell us of our past, the state we are in now, and our future.

    Scripture has been the foundation for not only people of God, but for history, science and morals since the first events written of happened. Scripture being the divinely inspired Word of God is without error, for if it contained error it would not be God's Word since God is perfect. Therefore if in order to be the Word of God scripture can contain no errors or contradictions. And it doesn't, even though many people attack it with such allegations.

    Scripture, more commonly known today as the Holy Bible, still serves as the guidlines today as it did thousands of years ago, even if many people today do not trust or follow it. Scripture is the priceless information God has given us so that we may know who He is and what He commands of us. We should all follow His instructions, teachings and examples in order to be more Christ-like and to understand Him. God gave us His holy Word so that we may know Him and help others to know Him so that we may all be saved and spend eterinty with Him on the New Earth where everything will be "very good" again like it was meant to be.

    Without Scripture we have no foundation for our faith and we have no record of God's intervention into our world or his authority over it. Without Scripture we have no way of truly knowing God. This is not to say that there exists no evidence for Biblical history outside of the Bible, Archeology has uncovered numerous things to validate Biblical history, but the Bible tells us more than human research ever could such as about God Himself and His loving nature and His plans for us. Scripture tells us of our origins, history, and future.

    It is the duty of every Christian to not only understand and follow Scripture, but also to spread the Word to others so that we may teach everyone about the one true God, our Creator and Saviour and what He wants from us. This is why we should properly understand Scripture and believe it as the Word of God as so many great men and women in history have. The knowledge from Scripture has been foundational to every major brnach of science and to the spirit of inquiry in general over the ages, as well as the foundation for righting many wrongs in histroy such as slavery, racism, communism, nazism and many other attrocities.

    The Word of God is an invaluable gift He has given us to use as the foundation for our faith and reasoning, as well as our way of knowing how to serve our Lord. We should never put the perfect and infallible word of God after the fallible and often corrupt teachings of humans that are often at odds with God's teachings and also often proven false. Scripture is the most valuable tool we as Christians have in our struggle against the evils of the world and for basing our stance and arguments against them. We must never forget what God has granted us and what He has done for us, all of which is recorded in His holy Word, Scripture, the Bible, that He has given us as well.