Similar sites *Dr. Kent Hovinds website. an excellent site with a plethora of info on Young Earth Creation science and living dinosaurs. The only problem is some Seminars contain outdated or disproven info. Much of this has been revised in newer videos and articles. *This site is an excellent source of information on living dinosaurs, as well as dinosaurs as dragons in history and conains photographs of many authenticated artifacts displaying dinosaurs throughout history. The owner has been on several expeditions looking for living dinosaurs. *This site has a large amount of info on sightings of living dinosaurs and artifacts that depict dinosaurs. Though a few artifacts need to be removed since they are mis ID's. *This site has many reports of living dinosaurs and addresses many claims made by skeptics. It has been completely redone and updated. *This site is purely Cryptozoological and has no stance on scientific viewpoints. An excellent source for living dinosaurs as recognized by Cryptid names. However the environment is predominantly anti-YEC. *Bill Coopers After the Flood. A book that talks breifly about the link between dragons and dinosaurs in history. *This site is Cryptozoological. Its stance on scientific viewpoints is unknown, however it does have an execellent list of animals that may be related to livng dinosaurs through Cryptozoology.  *The author of this site is very knowledgeable, however the site maintains a liberal view of many things including an old Earth, Evolution, local Flood, etc. Be knowledgeable when visiting this site. *This site addresses the topic of Ropens aka Pterosaurs living in Papua New Guinea very thoroughly and is the authoritative website on the subject. *This site is purely Cryptozoological and makes no personal stance on scientific views. It is an excellent source for Cryptozoological topics and articles such as living Dinosaur, Pterosaur, and Plesiosaur reports. *This site deal primarily with Mokele Mbembe, Sauropod dinosaurs living in the Congo. *The Institute for Creation Research is a very well respected Creationist organization made up of very intelligent people which hold high degrees in many varying fields of science. *Dr. Dennis Swift's website. Dr. Dennis Swift is the foremost authority on the Ica stones and has researched many atrifacts of Dinosaurs. His site contains photographs and articles on many artifacts of dinosaurs he has studied or even discovered. *Young Earth Creationist club website. *Northwest Creation Science foundation. *Center for Scientific Creation. *Answers in Genesis is a well respected website whose contributors hold high level degrees in the subjects of their written articles. It is one of the best and most intelligent sources for Creation topics and arguments. *Creation Ministries International is one of the top Apologetics organizations in the world, along with Answers in Genesis. The organization and website have many top notch articles and works for anyone interested or involved in the Creation/Evolution debate. I strongly recommend viewing. The site has some of the most in depth articles available and are written by highly trained and respected researchers, many of whom hold advanced degrees in the field of study the written article pertains to.