The Fall

    Though God created everything in the beginning "very good" (Genesis 1:31 & Romans 5:12-19), Satan, in his anger towards God, sought to get his revenge against God by taking God's creation down with him in his rebellion. Satan appeared before Eve, the first woman, and convinced her to eat from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and Adam agreed to share with her(Genesis 3).
    In the first act of human rebellion, sin was brought into our world, and thus death and suffering was born (Genesis 3:7-8 & Genesis 3:16-24). So God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden, where they would be forced to slave away for their living and suffer (Genesis 3:23-24). 

    Ever since this original sin, we have inherited our sinful nature from the our greatest ancestors, whom were the first humans to sin(1 Corinthians 15:21-22). Thus we ourselves are born sinners and are inherently sinful (Psalm 58:3, Psalm 51:5, Romans 5: 12-13). This is why we must come to God through Christ who died for our sins,so that we may be forgiven and granted salvation from sin and death (Romans 3:23-24). 

    However humanity was not the only contrivance that sin cast down into degeneration and suffering towards death. All of creation, on the universal scale, has since been steadily plummeting in quality over the generations due to increased entropy and the evil deeds of men. Bloodshed, suffering and disease became the criterion in nature as some animals fell into the predatory lifestyle as a result of the curse, forced to kill one another, all while all of creation steadily degrades at the molecular level towards chaos (Romans 8:18-25).
    Over the generations since sin took hold of this world, especially post flood due to the genetic bottlenecking(Genesis 7:2-3 & Genesis 8:17-19), all life has rampantly gone downhill by means of turning to killing for a living, shrinking in size, acquiring diseases and dissabilities. Even the Earth itself has turned violent by means of natural disasters and the actions of people not caring for God's creation (pollution is one good example). 

    Predatory activity may seem like anormal part of nature these days (it is, THESE DAYS), but we have to remember that when God originally created everything it was "very good" and there was no death or suffering. This means that until sin came into the world there were no predators in nature because everything was vegetarian (Genesis 1:29-31). While it may be hard for some to believe that lions, vultures, pigs, sharks and Tyrannosaurus Rex were all originally vegetarian and munched on melons, There is plenty of evidence to support the notion of predatory animals subsisting jut fine on a green diet.

    It has recently been shown that most species of dinosaur known for eating meat and being vicious killers were actually omnivorous, eating plant matter in addition to meat. Researchers have even found chlorophyll on Tyrannosaurus teeth, indicating it may also have been omnivorous for at least a small portion of it's diet. There are anumber ofmodern day events that have shown how predatory animals can survive just fine without meat, such as "Little Tyke" the famous vegetarian lion, the Palm Nut Vulture which is a vulture species that feedsalmost exclusively on oil palm fruit, and even a newly discovered speciesof jumping spider, Bagheera Kiplingi is strictly vegetarian. And remember that many predatory animals such as big cats eat grass toaidin digestion and many others such as bears are actuallyomnivores that eat anything from moose to berries and grubs.
    The idea that all of these predatory animals, including dinosaurs, must be and must have always been bloodthirsty killers that would never touch a salad is a completely unrealistic image painted like a stereotype that keeps us from ever considering that what the Genesis account says about the original diet is even possible,let alone true.

    We must also remember that humans were also originally vegetarian and that eating meat is a survival mechanism God gave us in this fallen world (Genesis 1:29, Genesis 9:2-3, Leviticus 11). It should be but one reminder among many of the fallen state our world is now in because of our rebellion against God. In fact many things today are a great reminder of how far we have fallen. We need not look far to see rampant disease, corruption and suffering in every corner of the globe. All because we have chosen to turn our backs to our Creator and Savior and often even revel in our sin( Isaiah 59:2, John 8:34). We must realize and remember that there is no hope of escaping the wages of sin by our own hand (Romans 6:23, Romans 3:23) and that if we seek to escape or overcome sin on our won we can never prevail (James 1:15). There is but one way to overcome sin and death and that is accepting God and Christ as our savior and following and obeying Him (John 3:16-17, Romans 5:8, Acts 4:12, 1 John 2:3-4, John 14:6).