Dinosaurs: Creation's biggest trophies

    Dinosaurs, Marine reptiles, and Pterosaurs are arguably the most amazing creatures to ever grace the earth. They came in all shapes and sizes from the Sauropod Ampicoelias that was twice the length of a blue whale and 135 tons to the chicken sized Theropod compsognathus. Some Pterosaurs had a wingspan of over 60 feet, while others were the size of a sparrow.
    They ruled the land, roamed the waters, and dominated the skies for as long as they lived. Some people preach that they lived millions of years ago, that no human has ever seen a single one because of millions of years between our supposed evolutions, and that they are one of the best examples of  evolution that exists. While others say that they are the opposite. That they are some of the best evidence against evolution and for a young earth, that humans have seen living dinosaurs and even lived alongside, used and hunted them, and that some of these creatures may even still be alive today in remote areas

    Honest science produces honest evidence. Evidence exists regardless of ones preconcieved dispositions, beliefs, attitudes, intelligence, and even understanding.  But evidence exists no matter how one looks at it or wants it to change. It is only there to exist and continue to . When its comes to real,point us towards the truth.  When doing honest science, it only comes down to looking at the evidence, considering the facts and likelihood of what may soon be new facts and coming to the most logical conclusion.

     If it looks like a dinosaur, eats like a dinosaur, and if it stomps, crushes, runs, ambles, roars, lives, breathes and inspires stories and awe like a dinosaur...its most likely a dinosaur.