Nothosaurus was/is a semiaquatic reptile that is somewhat similar to a Plesiosaur in general body plans (design). It is dated by Evolutionists to the Late Triassic between 240-210 mya (million years ago), though most Christians do not accept these dates. It is actually not a Plesior of any kind but is in it's own Order and Family, though can be generally grouped with other marine reptiles. It's name means "False Reptile".

    Fossil remains have been found in Northern Africa, China, Israel, Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Many remains have been found in sediments deposited in caves, likely during the Flood.

    Nothosaurus was around 10-13 feet long but some other species of Nothosaurs attained alrger sizes. Some have theorized that it may have had fins, at least one on it's tail but evidence for this hasn't been established. It had a motuhful of needle-like teeth perfect for catching fish and other aquatic prey and it likely used it's webbed feet and tial to propel it through the water. It's head, while long and crocodile-like, was relatively broad and flat when viewed from above. Some people have compared Nothosaurs to a reptilian Seal.