Scriptural Creationism


    Scriptural Creationism is the area of Creationism derived from Biblical scripture, unlike Scientific Creationism which derives it's arguments from science(but based on the assumption that Scripture is true and everything is designed by God). By combining Scriptural and Scientific Creationism we get the Creationist argument which is what many Christians adhere to. The Creationist argument is the worldview we get from reading the Bible and from legitimate scientific research and findings. The scientific arguments for Creationism are numerous but the source of all Christian beliefs and axioms is the Holy Bible, and the Bible is where Scriptural Creationism is based. By reading the Bible we find many things which we can not only believe, but test. For example, the Bible states that God created all organisms on Earth according to "kinds" and since they were created according to their "kind" they cannot interbreed with other "kinds". Though the definition of "Biblical kinds" has not yet been fully established, it has been well established that there are such barriers between organisms making it impossible for example, for a duck to breed with an alligator, or even a horsefly with a dragonfly.

    Scriptural Creationism is an invaluable aspect of the Creationist argument in that we can refer to the Bible for our beliefs and then see how they compare to scientific findings, a very valuable thing in today's society which has more questions and demands more proof everyday.